Air Brake Course

Air Brake (Z) Endorsement Program

Required for anyone driving with Air Brake or Hydraulic Brake Systems

If you plan to upgrade your current Class "G" license to a higher class, you need the 12 hours air brake course.

SOSA will supply a certified Ontario Safety League Air Brake Instructor that will conduct the 12 hour Ministry of Transportation approved OSL Air Brake Endorsement Course.

At the conclusion of the course a 20 question written test will be administered, out of which 16 questions have to be cleared. Upon successful completion a practical examination will also be done on a tractor trailer unit. At the successful completion of the program a certificate will be granted that must be forwarded to the local driver test centre.

After completion Air Brake (Z) Endorsement Program, applicant will receive the certificate for the same within 2 weeks by mail (it may take longer as depends on Canada Post).

Please make sure that you check the spelling of your name and Drivers License number and take this Certificate to your nearest Driver Test Centre as soon as convenient but before the end of the SIX MONTH completion date which is on the bottom right of your certificate.

Once the certificate has expired you MUST take the entire course again at your own cost. For the nearest Drive Test Centre, please go to to find your local office.